The prize was to meet Frank Zappa in New York City on Halloween night in 1981 between shows.  He did two shows that night.  Billboard Magazine was there to photograph and document it.   When Jeff met him, he noticed how Frank enjoyed posing with Marilyn.

Frank had two lapel buttons - “I Hate People” and “Don’t ask.”

In the Spring of 1981...

Frank Zappa’s record company had a national contest promotion with all local radio stations looking to find a “fine” girl for Frank.  It could be a picture of anyone or anything that Frank would consider to be a fine girl to go with his song “Fine Girl.” 

On the last day of the contest, Jeff sent in a fuzzy Polaroid of the Marilyn guitar and it won the national contest hands down. 

When the local radio station (WDEK) in  in DeKalb, Illinois announced that Jeff was the winner, coincidentally, it was anniversary of Marilyn Monroe’s death in her Los Angeles apartment on that same day. 

The DJ was playing Elton John’s “Candle in the Wind.”  Jeff had chills down his spine when that happened....

When Frank autographed the back, he asked what to write.  So Jeff said, “Anything.”  So Frank wrote, “Tax the Churches.”

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