Later in 1979.....

Stan Farr, a wood carver from Rock ‘n’ Wood Guitars in Chicago was going to make 100 guitars and sell them in Playboy by placing an ad in the magazine (they also placed ads in the Illinois Entertainer).  Jeff noticed the ad in the 1979 May Playboy issue.

Coincidentally, the cover of that Playboy issue had Marilyn featured.  They only made three Marilyn guitars.  This one is the third and last one made - the most perfect of the three with the finest quality. 

A week after Jeff purchased “The Electric Lady,” they wanted it back so they could continue to carve more.  Allegedly, the first two were stolen out of their showroom window in a smash-and-grab in Chicago.  

Jeff doesn’t know why he ended up with this piece - from all those other guitar players out there - it was fate and destiny.

There must have been a reason he ended up with it ..... 

Early in 1953...

Hugh Hefner had wisely purchased for $600 the rights to nude photos of Marilyn Monroe (which had originally been intended for a calendar) and featured them in his first issue of Playboy.

Marilyn, already in great demand, was featured on the cover, and the magazine literally flew off the stands. Its first release sold nearly 54,000 copies (at 50 cents apiece).

The first-ever pin-up centerfold appeared in Playboy magazine in December 1953, Hugh Hefner’s first issue.

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Near the Fox River in South Elgin, Illinois, one week after purchasing Marilyn in 1979

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