1975 - This guitar was made in his junior high school wood shop class.   Later he dropped out of high school to travel with rock ‘n’ roll bands to be the head roadie. 


Jeff was probably 14 years old when he made his first speaker bottom cabinet.  

He is using them in this photo (out of picture).  Everyone wanted Jeff to be in the band because he had his own cabinets with some to spare (and he was FUN).  

Slash, if you are reading this... this was the first top hat of rock’n’ roll....

Jeff thought he was the bomb with his skin-tight bell bottoms, tie-dyed tee-shirts and custom painted combat boots (stars and stripes).  

The Sloe Gin band consisted of his closest buddies - Doug Guzzo (drums) and John Station (guitar, vocals). Jeff is on base (far right).

Jeff at home with his sister Joy photographing her “cool” brother lounging on the back porch in St. Charles, IL.

Rockin’ the “Top Hat”....  way beyond his years....

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He then started building speaker cabinets, becoming a partner in Blondella Sound with Mike Kane and Dave Haines.